Is your child due to start at Dhekelia Primary School? If so you need to order their school uniform in advance

DPS has a full school uniform policy The school colours are green and yellow and every pupil from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 6 is expected to wear the appropriate uniform. Uniform in Foundation Stage 1 is optional although the vast majority of children wear the uniform daily.

As a minimum expectation children must have the following:

  • Dhekelia Primary School logo polo shirt
  • Dhekelia Primary School jumper or cardigan
  • Dhekelia Primary School fleece (optional).

White shirts, polos shirts of any description are not permitted.

Grey shorts or long grey trousers for boys

  • Grey skirts for girls and in the warmer months a green gingham dress
  • Grey socks for both boys and girls when wearing grey shorts/trousers or skirts or grey tights for girls
  • White socks for girls when wearing the green gingham dress

These items can be cheaper to purchase in the UK and they can be either difficult to find or expensive in Cyprus.


No patterned tights and no colour other than grey tights are permitted

School Caps and Hats

Hats are compulsory in the summer months and are to be worn at every break time.

Hats should be worn during the summer months when there is danger of burning and heatstroke.

School hats are available to buy.


Low heeled black school shoes are to be worn in the winter. In warmer weather sensible colour sandals or black lace-up pumps may be worn


Trainers, Croc’ style shoes and flip-flops are not permitted.

Please refer to our school prospectus and our school uniform policy for further details.

Ordering Uniform

To purchase school uniform, book bags, PE bags, baseball caps and some items of grey clothing please visit www.initiallyyours.co.uk and select Dhekelia Primary School from the drop down list of schools. You will be asked to pay for your purchases at the point of ordering and your goods will be sent to directly to Dhekelia Primary School.

Click here to purchase school uniform

We all know that purchasing uniform can be costly, especially if you have a large family, which is why we are committed to helping you find value for money whilst still ensuring quality. It is for this reason that we recommended that you purchase grey items of clothing or girls gingham dresses directly from the UK.