Forest Schools

Here at Dhekelia Primary School Early Years Foundation Stage Unit we take part in weekly Forest School sessions.


Forest Schools is a unique way of building independence, self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning in children and young people as they explore and experience the natural world for themselves.

Our sessions provide opportunity for physical development as well as enabling children to use their imagination and explore different natural materials and tools. Children are able to develop their communication and language skills too by gaining knowledge of new things, widening their vocabulary, listening and responding to instructions and socialising with staff and peers.

Pre-writing skills develop through using sticks to mark make, using natural paints and tools in order to develop gross motor skills whilst producing large art works on the forest floor.

In addition to helping children develop their self-confidence, forest skills sessions also enhance their personal social and emotional development by allowing them to learn to take risks whilst also getting to know how to remain safe at all times.


Their understanding of the world will be expanded naturally through real life experience in situ rather than just through table top explorations and books.

Mathematical skills are introduced in the forest skills activities as the children pursue from learning how to manipulate tools, to finding their way around, looking at nature’s solutions to problems and studying colour, shapes, size, distance, the list is virtually endless!

What the children say……..


‘I like the stick game and I am getting good at using the equipment’


‘I like climbing on the trees and we learn how to cut the sticks’


‘It is fantastic’


‘It is really good and helpful because it helps us learn about things outside’


Visit to Scout Wood