Curriculum Drivers

Our curriculum is constantly developing and evolving to meet the needs of our pupils during their time at Dhekelia Primary School.

Our curriculum is based around the three key areas:

Intent – the extent to which Dhekelia Primary School demonstrates a rich and varied curriculum that is unique to our context. The curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning.

Implementation – how the curriculum is being delivered. Over the course of study, teaching is designed to help learners to remember in the long term the content they have been taught and to integrate new knowledge into larger concepts.

Impact – that learners develop detailed knowledge and skills across the whole curriculum and, as a result, achieve well, and are ready for the next stage of education.

Our Curriculum Intent Model

Curriculum drivers shape our curriculum breadth. They are derived from an exploration of the backgrounds of our pupils, our beliefs about high-quality education and our values. They are used to ensure we give children appropriate and ambitious curriculum opportunities during their time in Cyprus and encourage them to take an active role in their own learning journey. These drivers are represented by animals linked to Cyprus and appear in the curriculum and more widely at Dhekelia Primary School.

Fruit Bat – Environmental Awareness

The endangered Cyprus Fruit Bat represents how we show respect for the environment locally and globally. It reminds us of the importance of using resources wisely through our environmental awareness for a sustainable future.

Greater Flamingo – Learning to Learn

The flamingo represents confidence and resourcefulness which encourages us to take an active role in our learning and to be creative and reflective problem solvers. When we are learning to learn, we understand that it is ok to make mistakes and that we can learn from these.

Oleander Hawk Moth– Future Aspirations

The Oleander Hawk moth represents the process of transformation through metamorphosis and proves that if we can allow ourselves to change and grow, we can become the best version of ourselves and achieve whatever we want. The Oleander Hawk Moth reminds us that change is exciting and we should embrace this with a positive outlook.

Honey Bee – Community and Belonging

Like Honey bees, we are very social and are constantly in communication. We share our resources and take care of each other. We know the importance of being part of a community and are proud of our roles within it.

Whipsnake – Diversity and Tolerance

We use our knowledge and understanding of the world to build a variety of meaningful relationships that are free from discrimination and exclusion. We show respect for ourselves and others within and across communities.

Praying Mantis – Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Praying Mantis symbolises the earth and its colours, and blending in with them to achieve peace and harmony. We know that good mental health allows us to develop the resilience we need to help us with challenges we may face.

Our curriculum provides rich opportunities to build cultural capital gives children the vital background knowledge required to be informed and thoughtful members of our community who understand and believe in British values.

Curriculum breadth is shaped by our curriculum drivers, cultural capital, subject topics and our ambition for children at Dhekelia Primary to learn in depth. We ensure that they are fully immersed in knowledge, vocabulary and experiences relevant to the world in which we live.

Our curriculum distinguishes between subject topics and threshold concepts. Subject topics are the specific aspects of subjects that are studied. Threshold concepts tie together the subject topics into meaningful schema (organisation of knowledge in a meaningful way). The same concepts are explored in a wide breadth of topics. Through this approach children return to the same concepts, and gradually build understanding of them. For each of the threshold concepts three milestones provide a progression model which supports our assessment system. Knowledge categories in each subject give children a way of expressing their understanding of the threshold concepts.

We encourage our children to become creative thinkers, and to have a greater depth of understanding. We know that to do this, they must first master the basics.

Knowledge Webs include key facts and information that the children need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of for each topic.They give children the ‘bigger picture’ of a topic and support them to make links which essentially helps information move into long-term memory.

Our Unique Context/Wider Links

Where possible, we use the local environment to support learning. These learning opportunities support children to recall and draw upon their experiences wherever in the world they continue their education. This is developed through a wide range of experiences that Dhekelia Primary School offers such as taking learning outside in our established Forest Schools area. Our school trips to a range of sites across the island, provide the children with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in context.