Salpa Class w/c 14.01.19

The children have had a really busy week in Year 6. We have been to Cyherbia to learn about different herbs, while exploring the maze and gardens. Additionally, the children have been working hard in their maths and English lessons: learning about 2-D and 3-D shapes, while planning their discussion text about whether children should be allowed into Narnia or not.

Finally, today the children designed and produced their own maze. They created many different varieties with different patterns and designs.

Salpa w/c 26.03.18

The Salpas have had an extremely busy week. They have had the chance to show off their skills to their parents in an open ICT morning – the children really enjoyed creating a vlog based on Narnia! Also, the children have been busy making their amazing hats for the Easter bonnet parade, while preparing for the readings and songs for the Easter service. Have a lovely Easter!

Salpa w/c 05/03/2018

What an amazing week Year 6 have had. They have been designing a persuasive advert about a Narnia themed theme park (I wish I could go as they all sound fascinating). The children have also been learning about translations and reflections in Maths, while starting to look at algebra. We are also coming to the end of our class novel, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which means we will be starting our new book – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – next week.

Salpa Class w/c 08/01/18

Well, we are off to a flyer in Year 6. The children have come back with an excellent attitude and have hit the ground running (perfect timing!). This week, the children have looked at ratio and proportion in maths, while starting their new class novel: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C.S.Lewis. However, the children have been captured by our latest writing opportunity, as they are rewriting a short animation called ‘Road’s End’. I will be presenting some of the excellent writing on here next week!


Victorian Schooling 23.11.17

On Friday, Year 6 have been taught by the infamous Victorian teacher, Mr Hill (from KRS). The children were subjected to verbal abuse and intimidation, while being belittled if an answer was not correct. Additionally, the had to write out the alphabet in correct font size, but as quickly as possible. Lastly, Year 6 were given information about the major differences between modern classrooms and those from the Victorian age, while discussing the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ for both.

W/c 13.11.17

It has been an action packed week for the Salpa class.  They have been working really hard on their fractions unit while beginning to write a balanced argument on whether Fagin should send his boys out to steal for him.

Additionally, this week, the children have written an informal blog highlighting the differences between the Bible and the Qur’an.

Salpa w/c 30.10.17

After the luxury of having a week off, the children were right back where they let off.

This week, the children have been deconstructing newspaper articles in preparation for writing their own report on the awful news of Nancy – being beaten to death by her violent and short-tempered husband, Bill Sikes.

Additionally, the children have started their fractions unit in maths, which has seen them understand and apply: factors, multiples, simplifying fractions and equivalent fractions.

Unfortunately, our Guy did not feature in the top three. However, the children were happy with our attempt.


The Victoria Sponge

Before half term, Year 6 had the chance to use their cooking skills to help bake a Victoria Sponge.  This linked nicely to a fantastic set of instructional texts written by the Salpa class.  They are now on display in the corridor next to the main office. Bon appetite!

Week commencing 02.10.17 – Salpa Class

What a busy week!  The children have crammed so much learning into it.  They have been musicians, electricians, builders, while continuing to work hard in their other subjects.  I still can’t believe it is only two weeks until half term – how time flies!