Last blog of the year!

Year 5 have enjoyed blogging in ICT but sorry folks this will be our last blog of the year. Over the last few months we have uploaded lots of different blogs such as, WWII, sports  and many others…

Enjoy reading these!

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The last blog of the year By Bayley

by Connor and Harry


Skye and Tanisi

Bethan and Emily



Last Blog Lilly Faye

Morgan and Jessica

Shai blog

Steady Hands

Year 4 had a fantastic design technology morning. Taking their knowledge of circuits they developed a steady hand game and created it with their parents and other key stage 2 children. Great work all round year 4.

Callum’s blog about WWII


In Y5 we wrote a letter home based on the movie Goodnight Mister Tom. We wrote a letter to William’s mum. We also had a visitor come in to show us items they used in the War and what they still use today. He brought a mannequin in and showed us the clothes the army wear. He showed us a gramophone that plays records. We dressed up as Evacuees, even the teachers! We had Ration Book’s on us. The whole day was about WWII. We learnt about how Evacuees act and how they are feeling, we wrote sentences about how they are feeling and we had to include modal verbs.

Miss Hamlyn teaches us, she’s the best. WWII Started in 1939 and ended in 1945. The British had a plane called Spitfire they used it in the War. The movie Goodnight Mister Tom is based on war. A boy called William got evacuated from London and came to the countryside (It’s the safest place). He was dropped off at Mister Tom’s house he is a grumpy man. He had a son and wife, his wife died. The children were evacuated from their homes and some children were split up from their siblings. The reason why they had to evacuate to the countryside is because there are less people there. To stay safe from bombs they stayed in Anderson Shelters. Some parents died and some didn’t. The men went to war while the ladies did the house work, like washing the dishes, and cleaning up. Jessica’s uncle (David) was a medic.

                      By Callum W

George Stephenson

Year 4 have been learning all about George Stephenson and they have now written a biography about him. They worked exceptionally hard to produce this piece of writing and they are all showing huge improvements in their handwriting. Check out Paisley’s work below.


Conductors and insulators

Year 4 have been learning about conductors and insulators. Following a story they helped Alfie, a power station engineer, find a suitable replacement for a broken cable. It had to be a conductor to allow the electricity to pass through. They investigated a range of items using a simple circuit. They came to the conclusion that metallic based objects were the best conductors and helped Alfie save the day. Great work year 4!

Start a Heart

Year 4 were all keen participants during ‘Start a Heart’. The children all learned and practised life saving skills so they now know how to act in an emergency. They learnt how to identify and check a casualty,  how to check a casualty’s airways and how to listen for signs of breathing and how to perform CPR. Everyone participated with enthusiasm and maturity.