Values and Ethos

School Aims

Dhekelia Primary School exists to:

  • Provide the best possible education in a secure, happy and healthy environment allowing time for reflection to develop the mind.
  • We will focus, develop and promote the Learning Power Skills of Problem Solving, Concentrating, Thinking Together and Reflecting. These are skills which children need to adapt to new situations and are crucial for lifelong learning.
  • Provide an inspiring, pupil led curriculum with extracurricular activities, where quality teaching and learning enable children to achieve their true potential through excellence, enjoyment and full engagement and celebrating success
  • Teach, develop and embed core literacy and numeracy skills
  • Encourage children to become independent, resilient learners, developing self-worth, self-discipline and self-respect, who are increasingly able to accept responsibility and have a voice and a say in their future.
  • Embed all of our 6 core-values in every aspect of school life creating a culture where British Values are fundamental.
  • Promote a structured learning environment which is stimulating, creative and led by all learners, in which expectations are consistently high and where children and staff show mutual respect and co-operation.
  • Involve parents & carers, teachers, governors, pupils and other partners in making a positive contribution to the local and wider community, so creating a partnership in learning and a flourishing school community in which children are prepared for their next step of education.

School Values

A core value is a central belief which is understood and shared by every member of the school community. Core values arise out of what we believe to be important about people, about society and about learning and knowledge.

We believe in respect, resilience,empathy, collaboration, integrity and self respect.

By respect we mean that:

  • We listen carefully when other people are speaking and consider the other person’s point of view even if it does not match our own.
  • We look after our own and other people’s property with care.
  • We act with good manners e.g holding doors open for others; greeting each other when we meet with good morning and good afternoon and showing others consideration.

By resilience we mean that:

  • We don’t give up when things don’t go well for us – we persevere and continue trying.
  • We can use strategies taught to us to be able to try to work through problems.
  • We understand that we may face difficult times and know where to go to help us get through them.
  • I recognise that I may not always be at the top and win everything and i can congratulate others who do well at those times.

By empathy we mean that:

  • I can understand why others may feel the way they do even though it may not be the way I may feel in that situation.
  • I can see when others are feeling sad and try to help them.
  • I am able to think about other people’s needs and what I can do to help them.

By collaboration we mean that:

  • I can recognise skills that others make to a project or a team.
  • I know and understand that we all have strengths that make us good leaders in different activities but we don’t need to be the leader all of the time.
  • I can listen to other people’s ideas and can find ways we can work together even if we don’t have exactly the same idea.

By integrity we mean that:

  • We are honest in our actions, and make positive choices even when we are not seen by others.
  • Our actions are based on honest and open decisions.
  • We tell the truth even when it may be difficult.

By self respect we mean that:

  • We recognise that we are all unique and have pride in our own skills and abilities.
  • We take time to do things that we enjoy doing and make us feel happy like sport, reading or other activities.
  • We can recognise our own emotions and understand that sometimes we might need to talk to someone or ask for help from others.
  • We recognise that we are all special and individual and deserve to be treated with fairness and respect.