Busy, Busy, Bluefish!

What a busy week! This week we have been super-busy!

On Monday, we had a visit from the RMP and SBA police who taught us all about crossing the road safely and how to use a zebra crossing.

On Tuesday, we built ramps to race the cars down and see haw far our cars travelled on different kinds of ramps at different heights. And in Forest School, we made snow owls out of pine cones.

On Wednesday, baby Rufus came to visit us with his Mummy, Mrs Charnock, who told us all about looking after babies.

On Thursday, we built a campsite for our tent. We made a pretend fire with seats and ‘cooked’ play dough marshmallows on it.

On Friday, Mrs Sutton bought some real marshmallows in which we toasted over tea lights – we described them as ‘soft, squidgy, like fluffy clouds’ and they tasted ‘like strawberries, chocolate and hotdogs?!’

We’ve also been learning the days of the week and how to tell the time at O’clock!

Ask your child what days come after Friday and to tell you the O’clock times!