At Dhekelia Primary School, we believe that children learn best when they are immersed in a cross curricular topic that interests and stimulates them. We try to create immersive learning environments in which pupils can explore ‘hands-on’ activities so that their knowledge and understanding is based on real life experiences.

The topics are broken down into 3 themes across the academic year, with a particular focus on a curriculum area each term. As a school, we use the ‘Creative Learning Journey’ to create learning ‘wheels’ and track progress across each curriculum area during the theme lessons. Please follow the link below to see the skills which your child is learning in the current term.

Curriculum themes


Term Subject focus Theme title
Autumn STEM: DT/Science Robots
Spring Humanities: History Back to the future
Summer Creative Arts: PE/Dance The Olympics “Faster, Higher, Stronger!”


Term Subject focus Theme title
Autumn Humanities: Geography Planet Earth
Spring Creative Arts: Drama/Forest schools Spirits of the forest
Summer STEM: Computing Code breakers