Class Organisation

Here at Dhekelia Primary School our pupil numbers can be variable and therefore our class structure changes year on year.

Foundation Stage Team

For 2019/20 we will have two Foundation Stage 1 classes (Nursery) and two Foundation Stage 2 classes (Reception). Our Foundation Stage Coach is Mrs Kerry Russell. All of our Foundation Stage classes are supported by Foundation Stage Practitioners.

Key Stage 1 Team

Key Stage 1 refers to all children in Years 1 and 2.

Key Stage 2 Team

Key Stage 2 refers to all children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Every year the children decide on a class name based on our overall school theme.  Our 2019/20 class structure is as follows:



Year Group Class Teacher
Foundation Stage 1 Pixies Mrs Hankinson
Foundation Stage 1 Elves Mrs Russell
Foundation Stage 2 Leprechauns Mr Sturgess
Foundation Stage 2 Sprites Mrs Tidman
Year 1 Genies Mrs Allen-Bayliss
Year 1 Dragons Mrs Stokoe
Year 2 Pegasus Mrs Buckley
Year 2 Cyclops Miss Stavrou
Year 3 Sphinx Mrs Marson-Smith
Year 4 Unicorns Mrs Tidmarsh
Year 4 Centaur Mrs Brian
Year 5 Griffin Mr Harcourt
Year 5 Kelpies Mrs Taylor
Year 6 Phoenix Mrs Devine

Targeted Services.

If you have any concerns about your child throughout their time at Dhekelia Primary School your first port of call should always be the class teacher in the first instance; however if you feel your concern needs to be shared with the wider team please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation Stage Coach or any member of the Senior Leadership Team.

The Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Mrs Kim Fox

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs Corinna Sutton

Assistant Headteacher – Mrs Gina Marson-Smith

Designated Safeguarding Leader – Mrs Kerry Russell

Teaching and Learning Coach- Mrs Debbie Taylor

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCO) – Mr Joel Stokoe

KS1 Leader – Miss Thea Stavrou

KS2 Leader – Mrs Deborah Tidmarsh

The Office Team

Admissions – Mrs Sarah Clayton

Office Manager – Mrs Sarah Wragg

Budget Manager – Mr Charles Russell

Reception – Mrs April Wicks